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Posted: Mar 10th, 2010

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რონდო – Bolero
(Music: Maurice Ravel, Text: Rusudan Kvirikashvili)

Night, only you are that is staying with me,
World of dreams have gone nowhere,
The years’ll pass and pain die,
And there will be no wars any more,
Peace can’t last forever.

Troubles always rise in this world,
You meet them, they chase us, but
We run and try save us in dark night.
Wars will rage and people fight.
They’ll never calm,
They will know it, how to kindle fire, to loot.
War and peace follow us,
In this dull life.

People will not rest,
They will come and they will pass,
But the heaven’ll last forever,
Stars, they watch us and they
Twinkling, wondering – how wicked,
How (such) evil and malicious people are.
People always fuss, they love and hate,
Seek their fate.
But those strange people,
Never take this life calm.

Life, so hard you are sometimes,
Cruel and wild, trying hard to beat and stamp.
Man, poor being left alone,
And realm facing him that he can’t pass.
This is life – remember!

You seek, try to see the stars,
Marvelous, shining, smiling,
Ones, mysterious, hiding far and
Calling us, alluring, loving stars.
In heaven.
Wondering man, can you reach stars?
Wondering man,
Wondering always,
Wondering man,
What you seek in heaven, far so high?

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