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Posted: Feb 21st, 2010

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ირაკლი ჩარკვიანი – War is over (Wooden monkey)

All is so far and people look smaller than they are,
I’m crossing the cold, losing all what I had,
My town is not mine, and places I loved are places I hate,
Maybe white distance is nothing, but reason to fear,
or reason to see her.

Wooden monkey, take me from here,
Wooden monkey I know you are real,
Wooden monkey save me from cold,
Wooden monkey, lie by my side and tell me: war is over.
I was so silly, believing people were true,
Wiser than I was,
I was falling in love as usually people are falling,
But one day I saw blood covered by snow,
Maybe white distance is nothing but reason to fear,
or reason to see her.

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