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Posted: May 15th, 2010

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ქეთი მელუა – The Flood
(Written: Katie Melua, Guy Chambers & Lauren Christy)

Broken people get recycled
And I hope that I will
Sometimes we’re thrown off our pathways
What I thought was my way home
Wasn’t the place I…

No I am not afraid of changing
I am certain nothing’s certain
What we own becomes our prison
My possessions will be gone
Back to where they came from.

.. Blame no one is to blame
As natural as the rain that falls
Here comes the flood again.

See the rock that you hold onto
Is it gonna save you?
When the earth begins to crumble
Why do you feel you have to
Hold on imagine if you let go.


Wash away the weight that pulls you down
Ride the waves that free you from your doubts.

Don’t trust your eyes (wash away…)
It’s easy to believe them
Know with your heart that (the weight that pulls you down)
You can leave your prison
Don’t trust your mind (ride the wave…)
It’s not always listening
Turn on the lights (that free you from your doubts)
And feel the ancient rhythm.

Don’t trust your eyes (Blame, no one is to blame)
It’s easy to believe them (As natural as the …)
Know in your heart
That you can leave your prison (Rain, here comes the flood again)


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