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Posted: Aug 31st, 2010

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სოფო ნიჟარაძე / Sofia (Sopho) Nizharadze – Never Give In

There was a time when love was alive
And you were here by my side,
It was so real, hearts that could feel
My world was open wide.

How would I know, just the way you would go
It’s a mystery
What could I do, I was so close to you
Was it meant to be?

.. I don’t take love for granted
I can survive and make it
I’ll stand tall in the end
My broken heart will mend
I’ll never give up on love
I’ll never give in.

My road is long, I have to be strong
I know it’s plain to see
I’ll let the pain fall down like rain
And leave all my memories.

I’m on the right track and there’s no looking back
It’s my destiny
I’m not afraid how the future is made
Now it’s time to believe.


No, never give in


Never give in
No, never, never give in

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