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Posted: Dec 14th, 2010

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საერთო მეგობრები ( მიუჩუალ ფრენდს) – Santa
(მუსიკა: გიორგი ერგემლიძე & ზურა ჯავახია)

Santa .. Where Are You Santa?
Hey Santa .. We miss You Santa.

I Asked you a toy, when I was boy
And now I gotcha,
Hey Santa.. My Dear Santa

.. Santa, Santa
Why Did Not You Come
When I Was Younger?

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom..

Hey Santa, We love you Santa
Santa.. Bring me some Fanta
(or Vodka, or Pepsi, or Cola)
My Dear Santa..


Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom
(or Vodka, or Pepsi, or Cola)

No matter if you drunk,
We wish you “Good Luck”,
Somebody thinks you rock,
But Santa YOU SUCK !

.. You suck, you suck X2
.. ყველი, პური, ხაჭაპური, წიწილა X2

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