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Posted: May 20th, 2011

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ლაიფ ბელ – Journalist
(ჯგუფის წევრები: ცოტნე გიორგაძე, ენდი გუბელაძე,
გიორგი ხვედელიძე, მარიტა ვარძელაშვილი, თამუნა ხუცაიძე)

(My friend,a journalist, favored Face-to-face format,
who allways saw distinctly in the right mirror.
Please meet him face -to-face and make him fully know.
Dear God, You are alone but try to be fair)

.. You are a journalist accepting death
Mummy’s little skeptic who has granted rebirth,
Life quickly changes for better or for worse
Your sacred blood cleanses finer the mess X2

Journalist, Journalist, journalist..

.. The word was with the God
And the God was the Word
For my journalist the word is only sword.

Missed shots, missed bolts, missed missiles
Help journalist fight against viles.

Oh, oh…

.. Journalist allways journalist X2

Glory to God in the highest and others on earth
Peace to those on whom his favor rests.

(And on my dreaming friend, with a camera in hand
And clad in a bullet-proof vest. We Trust in God. )

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