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Posted: Jul 3rd, 2011

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ბუდდჰუზა – Still A Surprise
(The band: Tornike Gordadze, Tamar Davitashvili,
Levan Japaridze, Giorgi Surguladze, Levan Khubulava)

Remember how we listened to that radio show
To hear the songs that were not in the charts?
I didn’t understand a single word they said,
But the music made it to my heart.

Remember how we saw the snow that fell on the grass,
We watched the flakes we so wanted to be?
It took me twenty years to dig the snow to realize –
We’re always the flakes that we see.

.. And it’s still a surprise
What we see without eyes,
Any place, any time,
Any place, any time.

Remember we were greedy for the sun in the sky,
Wanted things they way we thought they should be,
You know that everything you gonna be is alright,
As long as you’re totally in.

Chorus X2

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