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Posted: Aug 11th, 2011

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ბერა ივანიშვილი – Don’t Worry

(It’s your boy darkchild
I got my man Bera
We here, yeah
This one right here goes out
To all the ladies out there
Bera, Let’s go. check it)

.. Baby I gotta know how you feel
You thinking about leaving
But I Always pull you back to here
.. Don’t wait around X6
I gotta know how you feel, girl.
(I don’t need to wait around
but if i do will you be down
to love me up or throw me out
Oh baby cos i came to to
to do me right
just promise me we’ll be tight
your my man and i’m your girl
cos i’m done with it).

Baby I can picture you
And me being together
Planets is the limit, Baby
We can do whatever make you smile
When you are sad
Keep you poppin tags
Tell her like fad, Baby
Throw it in the bag
Heels on the plane
Way above the rain
Never flew before,
Well with me that sure will change
I can do you better
Then he will do you ever
When that phone rings
Tell him that its Bera.


Tell her why you waiting round
When he tells me when he runs around
All he do is clown+and he puts you down
You deserve better
I can treat you right make quick, with a maid
Have you riding like Ciara
You look good no mascara
Princess, where your tiara yeah,
Your ex-dude is a bozo, Pinnochio, Clown, Red Nose.


(Here’s anther way you make me feel
If I’m the one you need,
.. just be for real X3
And I say I will, I say I will.
We can rock out until the end
Baby promise you won’t pretend
You won’t pretend
You’ll understand andI’ll understand)


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