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Posted: Jan 7th, 2012

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Sons of carpenter – Waiting for you

This moving crowds like crows
Under the clouds they throw
Their feelings far away
And walk with empty faces
with nothing to say.

.. No ones too sad, no ones too glad and no ones too kind
With nothing to stay for, nothing to pray for and nothing to find,
Feelings you owe are only for me as i thought that they should
But if i am wrong you always can leave while I’m waiting for you.

Your heavy eyes like rain
Fallen from he stars this pain,
It will never disappear
Like fear in our hearts.

I know that I’m doing it wrong, I’m driving you mad, I’m hiding too far
Your feelings are gone, we’re lonely and sad, this night is so dark,
Feelings we had, were only for us as i thought that they should
You’re leaving me now, but i want you to know, I’ll be waiting for you.


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