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Posted: Jan 31st, 2012

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ლევან ჯიბლაძე (ლეო ჯი) – It’s my life
(Music: Levan Jibladze, Lyric: Giorgi Gabelaia,
Eurovision 2012 – Georgia)

I want to find myself
In the darkness night and day,
Because I lose my mind,
Oh, baby make me cry
And now I know it’s the last chance of mine.

.. It’s my life, it’s my only aim,
To discover of my life in the wonderful space.
I could go, I could fly, I could change my dreams,
Back when I was a child (back when I was a child).

I wanna remember your face,
Is like a darkness night and day
And I believe tomorrow,
Oh, baby in the joy and sorrow
You never leave me, forever, together you know!


My heart is like an open highway
I just wanna live while I’m alive.


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