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Posted: Feb 24th, 2012

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ნოემბერი – Letter To A Friend
(Eurovison 2012 Georgia)

My friend, take a breath and hold your fear,
Look in the mirror and watch you bruises disappear.
Your dream, simulated creepy scene,
Blow their minds and seize the moment how you win.
Never fall, nevermind for what you lose,
I’d just screw them all if i was in your shoes.
Screw’em all and never lose.
screw’em all and wash your blues.

.. Ain’t the world looks safe no more,
I can take this, not anymore,
less you care, the more you ignore,
I can’t break this…
Cruel world looks safe no more,
everyone learns and wants to know
less you care more they ignore,
i can’t change this

My friend, here’s the letter from my heart,
You gotta watch your actions out before you start,
My friend, close your eyes, why you stare?
Imagine how your bad feelings disappear.
bad feelings disappear..


Ain’t the world looks safe no more
(That’s not everything, wait, my friend.
we are all equal in the end.)

Less you care, more they ignore.
(Like daylight washes sky from stars,
time will heal your bruises and scars.)

I can’t take this not anymore.
(stay cool and stay strong my friend,
We shall face it, yes, we can.)
Yes, we can, but they ignore,
Ain’t the world looks safe no more.

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