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Posted: May 31st, 2012

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რეგიონი – I’m Georgian

I can tell you a short history about a country
About a country which is small and which is rich
Which had many wars and many, many troubles
But today it has sun, see, love, piece again

.. Because
I’m Georgian, Georgian, Georgian solder and
I’m Georgian, Georgian, Georgian reggae-men X2

It was long, long time ago, long, long way we crossed
With our traditions and trusting in God,
No, no, no another… no, no another thoughts
Our father were, fighting for us,
.. I know the one, freedom and love
These both are my life and religion X2

Chorus X2

We are first European and we have old traditions
We are the bravest solders but we don’t need confusion,
We had the greatest territory by king David’s solution
Teaching these great history we grow our generation.

.. Every mother say: “Iavnanina”, every father say: “Nanina” X2

Chorus X2

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