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Posted: Dec 31st, 2012

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ნოემბერი – Again

Woke up alone in bed,
“Take a care” – a footnote says,
Now figure out who the hell was she?

Getting drunk all night and day,
Smell of Whiskey on my breath,
Missed 5 calls from my pretty girl…

Again, You’re on my top,
Again, I’m outta my mind,
Again, You’re screaming my name
Again and again and again.

Get up, get down, lets hang around –
boys are back in town,
Girls get ready for another round,
Yelling in the crowd,
Take a look around,
Come and suck my tongue
Till the break of dawn.
Coz I’m rocking the scene,
I’m fucking obscene,
I’m drown in the sin,
In the dead of night,
In the morning light,
I’m your charming prince,
Fulfilling all your wet dreams.


Again, I’m singing again about you,
Again I believe there’s nobody like you

I’m a one hot shot,
Gotta biggie-ciggie spot,
Lick this lollipop,
Smoke a lot of pot
Open up your brain,
Shake me like a champagne,
Fly me like a jet plane,
Rock me like hurricane
In the pouring rain.
I’m runaway train,
Only one to blame,
For being one and the same
Seeking my fortune and fame
I’m same again

(chorus again)

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