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Posted: Jan 22nd, 2017

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თაკო გაჩეჩილაძე – Keep the Faith
(Georgian National Eurovision Song Contest winner. 2017
Music: Anri Jokhadze)

Who told you to hide behind the veil?
Who told you to get out of the way?
Don’t you let them steal your dreams.
Feel the courage spread your wings and breathe.(keep the faith)

.. Keep the faith, keep the faith.
Remember you are not alone.
Hold my hand and come along you.
Keep the faith, keep the faith.
Don’t let nobody turn you down.
Even if the world is rough.

Who told you that I reached the points with no regrets?
Who told you that my life is a book of fairy tales?
I have lost many times,
But I’ve never lost my hope.


Oh! oh! oh! oh!
Ooh! You got to stand on your own.
Crowd hear me out!
The world needs more love!


Oh, Oh, Oh, keep the faith!

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